Meet Sarah a successful third party platform seller, who will help turn your E-commerce dreams into reality.

sarah third party platform seller mentor

We’re thrilled to have Sarah on board as a collaborator, offering her expertise and advice to our visitors. Her success story is a testament to the boundless possibilities in the E-commerce world.

With a fervent passion for trend-spotting and online entrepreneurship, Sarah has forged a successful path in third-party e-selling. Transitioning from a part-time enthusiast to a seasoned E-commerce expert, her journey is truly inspirational.

Driven by a vision of financial freedom and work-life balance, Sarah initiated her E-commerce venture while managing a part-time job and personal commitments. Her strength lies in adept sourcing strategies, mastering the art of securing low-cost wholesalers and implementing efficient dropshipping techniques for seamless business operations.

For those selling on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, or Social Media, or those embarking on their journey, Sarah provides essential tools and information, encompassing the latest trends and emerging third-party selling platforms.


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Sarah's Third Party Platform Seller's Corner

E-Platform Optimization

Resources and tips to help you select the right E-commerce platform (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or social network platforms like Facebook). Guides to Setup and Design your store and use the latest Performance Metrics and Analytics to stay ahead of the competition and succeed.

Product Sourcing & Mangagement

Guides and resources to to help you access and deliver the best products and services. Covering wholesaling, dropshipping, production and design and more. Maximizing your returns from platforms such as Etsy & Amazon and other third party E-selling platforms.

Marketing & Promotion

Struggling to reach the audience your hard work deserves? Our guides & resources cover Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Email Marketing and much more to ensure you attract and keep more customers, increase your sales, and build a successful online businesses

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